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Updated Range Rules Will Be Posted Shortly

All current rules are still in place, nothing has changed with the land purchase (e.g. no fishing)



The executive Board will review all reports and is empowered to suspend or expel members from the club and/or recommend prosecution for violations of any local, state or federal law.

Remember, everyone is a range officer. If you see someone violate a rule - discuss it immediately with the member. It is your life and privileges he is endangering. Also, if you should have an accident or do any accidental damage to club property, please report it to one of the officers so proper repairs can be made.

All shooters must take care because we are sharing a common firing line. There can be rifle shooters, shot gunners and pistol shooters on the line at the same time. Shot gunners take care that you are not shooting over or across adjacent ranges in use and interfering with those ranges.

You are required to use good common sense and be concerned for the safety of other club members and guests.

Put all “lost” items in the cabinet in the pistol shed and notify an officer to claim them for the Lost & Found. Be respectful of property that is accidentally left on the club - take all unattended firearms and ammunition off the range and notify an officer at your earliest convenience.

Club membership is a family membership and encompasses family members living under the same roof as the registered member. They are not considered guests and do not require a guest badge but like guests they are not permitted on the range outside of the registered members immediate presence and supervision.



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